About Us

“JADE+ Inc. is flexible to the needs of our projects. Our unforeseen obstacles are dealt with promptly and with accuracy so delays are kept to a minimum. JADE+ understands projects from a contractor’s point of view which has created a long lasting consulting relationship with us.”
Scott Beattie, Site Supervisor – Greenferd Construction Inc.
“JADE+ – The Little Engineering Company That Could and Did!”
Don Donner, CEO – Boys & Girls Club of London Foundation
“Your attention to detail, your ability to quickly solve complex problems and your level of professionalism is recognized by all of us who are privileged to work with you.”
Kimble Kirschner, General Contractor – JKS Custom

JADE+ Inc., formerly JADE Engineers Inc. is based in Tillsonburg, Ontario. Our engineering consulting service’s goal is to improve communication between design engineers, architects, project managers, trades and fabrication shops resulting in better designs that are practical yet innovative. With 11 years in business, JADE+ engineering has proven to be leaders in the following niche engineering markets: structural engineering, fall protection, lifting devices, aerial devices and mobile cranes for the construction, utilities, manufacturing and industrial industries.

We are always striving for better solutions to create the ideal customer experience. By providing employees with continuous education, we ensure that our customers receive the most up to date services and that recent regulations, design codes and standards are followed. However, we are not afraid to make a decision that is not explicitly covered by a Code, Standard or Regulation.