Mobile Crane and EWP Inspections



JADE+ Inc. is retained by several companies to conduct annual inspections on various types of mobile equipment including Mobile Cranes, Aerial Devices, Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Equipment, Off-Road Mobile Cranes, Digger Derricks and 10-year MEWP structural inspections.


The units are inspected visually and supplemented with magnetic particle inspection, in accordance with the Ontario Regulation 213/91 and the relevant CSA standards. The unit structure, hydraulic system, hydraulic components, safety devices and functions are looked at during the inspection. Each inspection meets the relevant CSA standards which include Z150, The Safety Code for Mobile Cranes, Z150.3, the Safety Code for Articulating Boom Cranes, C225, Vehicle Mounted Aerial Devices or B354, Mobile Elevating Work platforms.


The client is provided with a certified inspection report and a weather resistant decal is placed identifying the unit and the inspection month and year.  MEWP 10-Year and annual crane inspections provide a safer unit for the operator and workers by identifying potential problems and defects.  Any hydraulic equipment, and especially cranes, must be inspected when they become damaged during operation, experience a potential overload or shock load, or if the operator notices problems.  JADE+ Inc. provides certified repair recommendations, certified modifications and de-rating services.