Research – Lanyard Testing



JADE+ Inc. is working in collaboration with Dr. Carolyn Sparrey of Simon Fraser University (SFU) and Mike McKoryk of the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).  A grant was obtained from Worksafe BC to study and evaluate the effect of wear, environmental degradation and work environment on fall protection lanyard strength.  The lanyards are drop tested from a drop structure with a test mass of 45 to 175 kg. The drop test simulates 6 to 12 foot free fall distances ensuring the personal energy absorber will deploy.


André Brisson, P. Eng, ing. travelled to BCIT where the team completed the set-up of the test structure and rigging and finalized the drop test procedure protocol. The next steps include data analysis and further testing using edge guards and different lanyard materials.  The data collected will be shared with Worksafe BC, other engineering firms and the CSA Z259 Committee.


The study will last for approximately one year and is expected to provide useful information for helping to develop practical guidelines for effective lanyard inspection and improve fall protection understanding.

Crew from the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet was on site for a day to film the test set up and drop test. Dr. Sparrey was interviewed sharing the excitement and knowledge we gain from testing and the collaboration with BCIT.  The segment was aired in January 2015 and the video can be viewed online.

This research was also featured in the Journal of Commerce.

Video of the testing can also be viewed on our YouTube Channel JADE Engineers on YouTube