Bypass Tower

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The bottom third of the 18 ft diameter by 110 ft tall Bypass Conditioning Tower was cut out and replaced by Sutherland-Schultz.  JADE+ Inc. and Sutherland-Schultz planned to safely support and maintain the structural integrity of the vessel support structure while removing the bottom vessel section.


JADE+ Inc. reviewed, designed connections and prepared certified fabrication drawings for the vessel structure temporary support, bracing and cantilevered monorail system.  JADE+ Inc. designed and prepared certified fabrication drawings for a 20,000 lb capacity lifting frame assembly.  The lifting frame was used to hoist 8 ft high vessel sections to the cantilevered monorail system 150 ft off of the ground.


The new vessel sections were rigged, hoisted to a cantilevered monorail system, moved inside the structure and lowered into position for welding. JADE+ Inc. provided on-site engineering support for issues encountered during the implementation, installation of temporary support and vessel tear down stages.