Fall Protection – St. Lawrence Seaway Handrail Horizontal Lifeline



Sutherland-Schultz wanted to design a 50 foot horizontal lifeline (HLL) system on the mitre gate walkways at the Welland Canal of the St. Lawrence Seaway. The HLL is used during removal or installation of the handrails on the mitre gate.


JADE+ Inc. provided structural engineering design, certified drawings and a certified report for the design of the system. The system consists of a wire rope and the anchors and intermediate supports bolted to the existing walkway structure. The system was installed in two equal spans on each side of the walkway. The workers are tied to the HLL on one side and work on the opposite side they are tied to. This system was designed to safely arrest the fall of two workers.


The way the system was designed and installed prevents heat or cutting damage to the lifeline and reduces tripping hazards creating a safer working environment.