Safety Design: Kettle Doors Platforms

Kettle Door and Platforms 001Kettle Door and Platforms 003Kettle Door and Platforms 002


JADE+ Inc. was retained to design an alternative method for the opening and closing of the doors for three large kettles. Access is required for periodic maintenance work and there were safety concerns with the use of scaffolding to access the doors for removal and maintenance.


JADE+ Inc. determined it was best to use permanent platforms installed near the kettle doors for the workers to access them. The platforms were designed using steel beams and floors that were supported using columns and suspended from the floor above. A guardrail system was also designed to prevent falls. JADE+ Inc. also provided an alternative solution for opening the doors with a double acting hinge rather than removing the doors.


The platforms have created a safer working environment and JADE+’s design allowed for more efficiency and reduced time to maintenance the kettles.