Manufacturing Trolley Modification and Installation

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JADE+ Inc. was retained by Salford Farm Machinery Ltd. (Salford Group) to review and certify the installation of a used manufacturing overhead trolley system. The trolley system is used to carry 5,000 lb steel implements that Salford manufactures from the welding stage, through media blasting, painting and oven curing and then to the final assembly area. The original design and layout of the trolley system required major modifications to suit the unique needs of Salford.


Modifications included increasing the spans between supports to maximize the useable floor area, as well as designing a new cantilevered support structure to decrease the limitations of where the trolley can be loaded/unloaded using overhead cranes. Steel was reclaimed and reused in various parts of the trolley to reduce cost.


Working closely with the team at Salford, JADE+ Inc. came up with a design solution that works well for their needs today and is also versatile to suit the evolving requirements of a modern manufacturing facility. JADE+ Inc. has also been working with Salford on the design and modification of overhead cranes to suit the needs of the new plant expansion.