Heritage Site Floor Plan Drawings

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Floor plans were required for an older building that actually consists of 2 buildings placed together. There are two main sections, the original Great Western Railway Station building, built in 1879 and the Tillsonburg Lake Erie & Pacific CP Station which was moved to the current location in 1994. The two stations are joined by the Changing Exhibit Gallery which is used for art exhibits. The entire building is used for the Tillsonburg Station Arts Centre.


JADE+ Inc. provided floor plan drawings of the entire Heritage Site building. Creating the floor plans for this building was challenging due to the age and architecture of the structure. When the two buildings were retrofitted together, some conventional building methods were left astray. During the measuring process, it was determined that the main floor cantilevers outwards from the foundation.


The floor plans are being used to determine the HVAC needs for an upgrade to the current system in addition to other uses.