Design and Development: Sundial Solar Trax – 10 kW PV Solar Tracker

Sundial 1Sundial 3


Solar panels have the most efficiency when exposed directly to the sun so Sundial Solar Trax wanted to create a ground-mount that would allow for the panels to move throughout the day to follow the sun.  The Sundial Solar Trax Tracker is a ground-mounted single-axis PV solar tracker structural platform that has been developed and manufactured in Ontario for the Micro-FIT Program which is a stream of the Ontario Power Authority Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Program for renewable energy.


JADE+ Inc. used 3D modelling software for design and development of proper fabrication and installation drawings and was able to reduce fabrication costs and reduce the installation time by at least 50%.


The Sundial Solar Trax Tracker will follow the sun’s path throughout the day to greatly increase power production with minimal maintenance over the 20 year Micro-FIT contract.  The tracker has proven to withstand extremely high sustained winds and gusts and operate in the robust Ontario winters.