Speed Fan Drop Tests

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Many construction sites are located at heights with unprotected edges with a hazard for falling debris to pedestrians and workers below. Dell-Core Edge protection has addressed this hazard by creating and using a debris netting that catches debris before it falls to the ground. At the time of testing, there were no regulations covering debris netting.


JADE+ Inc. was retained to develop a test procedure and criteria for the Speed Fan debris netting to meet the intent of the European and ANSI standards for Personnel and Debris nets as well as the spirit of Ontario Regulations and Canadian standards. JADE+ Inc. coordinated the onsite set-up and co-ordination of the testing. The netting is supported with a tubular structure attached to the building according to manufacturer’s instructions. A 250 lb test load was dropped from 40 ft above. Varying configurations of the netting were tested with high speed cameras documenting the results.


A test procedure and pass criteria document was developed and presented. Once the testing was completed and the results reviewed, a certified report was issued confirming the rating of the debris netting is safe for use in the construction world. The netting is now manufactured and sold for use in North America. This netting has been used on condominium projects as well as the CN Tower. More information about if can be found on Dell Core’s Website.